This program is written in the DNA of BOTANIC PHARMA. We have always been attentive to the world around us and in each new meeting we see an opportunity to improve health solutions. We are a human-sized laboratory and we want to be integrated into our ecosystem by listening to ideas and trying to bring our expertise to move from idea to development.

INNOV-SANTE is based on two axes : PHYTO-BOOST Program / COOP-BOOST Program


Bio-prospection and Participatory Innovation Program

Thanks to the PHYTO-BOOST program, you can share your traditional herbal remedies with us. Subsequently, we commit our organization to show rigor, reactivity and enthusiasm to study the relevance of each of your proposals. If necessary, we harvest the plants mentioned in the field. We dry them and extract the plant extracts. If an active molecule is detected, we investigate its efficacy, toxicity and stability. At the end of this process, we can develop an innovative health solution that enhances our heritage.

This model of innovation is intended to potentiate the ideas from its environment and it also aims to improve the incomes of farmers. BOTANIC PHARMA is committed to sourcing plant extracts from cooperatives participating in the COOP-BOOST program when the development of the product is the result of a PHYTO-BOOST development

You are a private individual or a health professional and wish you to participate in the PHYTO-BOOST program


“Combinatorial chemistry produces more volume than nature, but not as well: very simple molecules, which have very little chance of having any utility whatsoever. On the other hand, the natural molecule has a structure of complexity and refinement that man is incapable of imagining.

It is the fruit of millions of years of selection, so it has biological utility”


Bio-Valorization Program for cooperative products

Thanks to the COOP-BOOST program, we offer to graciously support cooperatives wishing to develop extracts of pharmaceutical plants with high added value. We provide our expertise to assist them with the process of extraction, regulatory registration and marketing.

COOP-BOOST wants to be a program that is an integral part of sustainable co-development, fighting poverty and developing our human capital.

You are a cooperative and you wish to subscribe to the COOP-BOOST program



18 October 2017

BOTANIC PHARMA will introduce itself at CPHI WORLDWIDE 2017

CPHI WORLDWIDE is a major event in the pharmacy world and the pharmaceutical industry. The 28th edition will be held from October 24th to 26th, 2017, in Frankfurt, Germany. BOTANIC PHARMA will participate in order to present its innovations in pharmaceutical development, including new products that will be […]

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18 October 2017

The AL IHSSANE Association and BOTANIC PHARMA launch new joint action

For each BOTANIC PHARMA product purchased,we will donate 1 morrocan dirham to the AL IHSSANE N.G.O., […]

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17 October 2017

BOTANIC PHARMA announces the launch of Sensiva® in Morocco

Formulated without parabens or dyes and with natural extracts of Burdock and Aloe Vera : […]

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